My favorite thing is to go places where i’ve never been.


Community Troy & Abed propaganda posters by Jon Defreest.

Community Troy & Abed propaganda posters by Jon Defreest.

When someone says the word: “Moist”


Is life good?

Why I Love My Friends: Dog The Bounty Hunter Edition

  • r: so, we definitely need to be retweeted by beth or the dog
  • me: OMG yes.
  • me: it looks so easy. you just have to wait for a new episode to air.
  • r: my suggestion: "Thank you, Chapman family. You are the real heroes."
  • me: and then tell beth how awesome she is.
  • me: but it has to be written with bad grammar.
  • r: ok then.
  • r: "GOD bless chapman family they r real american heroes."
  • me: YES. she will totally retweet that!
  • r: YES!!! i dare you to tweet that.
  • me: gotta wait for a new episode, and then i totally will.
  • r: why?
  • me: because that's when she gets all onto twitter. like, she was retweeting EVERYTHING last night during the season eight premiere.
  • r: i love how you are keeping track of this.
  • me: it's one of my goals for 2012.
  • me: and maybe if i keep doing it, i'll become friends with beth. and the chapmans will fly me out to hawaii to go catch criminals with them...but i'll probably have to get breast implants.
  • r: take me with you! i want to hang out in the dog pound.
  • me: of course! you would look so intimidating dressed all in black and wearing a badge. they would totally let you come, too.
  • r: awesome. i'd just have to grow a rat tail.
  • me: and string some beads on it.
  • r: YES!

i wish.


Still green in the North East. Anybody have snow?

my worst nightmare.